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To make a service request, simply click the "REQUEST SERVICE" button at the top of the page. Feel free to call, send us an email or contact us via the form provided on our contact page.



We offer real-time broadcasting of events. Give your family, friends and fans the chance to be apart of the special moments. Our skilled livestream coordinator will monitor the footage from one or multiple cameras, thereafter, giving your online audience the best viewing experience they can get, whether it's on a computer or mobile device. There is no real limit in terms of what can be live streamed. Check us out today and let us help you take your events to the next level. Let Klean Stream be your ultimate streaming solution. Don't forget to share this information and check out our previously streamed events in our gallery.

Our prices are based on the scope of the work and the manpower required. Live streaming requests should be made at least one day in advance to allow for proper arrangements and setup. A quotation outlining the cost of the requested service(s) will be issued to the client after visiting the venue. Once accepted, it must be signed, dated and returned to Klean Stream along with a 50% deposit. The balance
50% must be paid before the service is rendered. This method is used to ensure that payments are made and not ignored.

Adequate internet is required for live streaming and should be provided by the client. If desired by the client, Klean Stream can make this provision at a reasonable cost.


We produce quality videos, whether it's for a promotion, celebration or personal collection, it really doesn't matter. Maybe you would like a video of yourself or someone singing, dancing or doing a performance, look no further, we got you covered. We take pride in what we do, from shooting videos to producing the final product. With that much said, if you're ready, we're ready to create that masterpiece.

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Communication Made Simple
What better way to have meetings, chat with family members or friends, converse with employees and even share a movie (If so desire). Are you having issues with setup or not sure how to get started? NO PROBLEM!
We'll have you up and going in no time and with just the right tools for a successful video conference session. We use platforms like, but not limited to, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype.


We know how valuable it is to have pictures of special moments. We are ready to capture those moments that will "WOW " you. Have something to look at five or even ten years from now and experience the feeling all over again. Our prices are reasonable and set with you in mind. What are you waiting for, let's get started.

Pictures Tell Infinite Stories
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