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We know how valuable it is to have pictures of special moments. We are ready to capture those moments that will "WOW " you. Have something to look at five or even ten years from now and experience the feeling all over again. Our prices are reasonable and set with you in mind. What are you waiting for, let's get started.

Pictures Tell Infinite Stories
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Standard Packages: Outdoor
Pre-Wedding Packages
Wedding Packages

NB: All prices are in USD currency.

Package 1 ($100)
15 Digital Images

Package 2 ($175)
25 Digital Images

Package 3 ($230)
30 Digital Images


Image Slideshow (Additional Cost)

Package 1 ($200)

25 Images

Package 2 ($300)

35 Images

Package 2 ($380)

40 Images


Image Slideshow (Additional Cost)

Package 1 ($800)
80 Images (Group & Couple)

Package 2 ($1000)
100 Images (Group & Couple)

Package 3 ($1200)

120 Images (Group & Couple)


Video Production (Additional Cost)

All standard and Pre-Wedding Packages are set out for 2 persons. For each additional person, $10 will be required.

The client will be presented with a quotation and an agreement form. Once accepted, the agreement form must be signed, dated and returned along with a 50% deposit. The client will be allowed to view final produced images. Once satisfied, the balance 50% must be paid before package contents are handed over to the client.

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